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Our bible study groups are the engine rooms of our church, because that’s where our members get together in small groups to study God’s Word. Our groups study the passage of scripture that we look at each Sunday so that our church remains united around God’s Word as we study it together – the wider church on Sunday mornings, our kids and youth in age appropriate ways, and bible study groups during the week.


We have a range of groups for our members to join – from men’s and women’s only groups, mixed groups, evening groups or mid-day groups. We believe bible study groups are a great way for Christians to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and each other, and are often places where deeper relationships are formed.


These groups are for those who are members of our church, and for people in unique circumstances who we believe we should support by offering these groups to them as well. If you’re not a member of our church and would like to join one of our bible study groups, we recommend you begin with Explaining Christianity or our Church Membership Course.


From there we can get to know you better and help you to move in the right direction as you find yourself in relation to our Lord Jesus and his people.

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