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We are sinners who’ve been saved by God’s grace. That is, through the gift of forgiveness offered to us by God, when he put our sin to death in the body of his Son Jesus. This gift of forgiveness also included eternal life when Jesus defeated death on our behalf by rising from the dead, and Jesus then ascended into heaven to rule as King over everything for the sake of his church.


From heaven, Jesus works through his church to fulfil his mission to spread this gospel to the four corners of the world. Jesus works through his church by his Spirit who is given to every person who puts their trust in him, and his Spirit leads them by his Word to live a life that is pleasing to God.


Our mission as the church is to be faithful to Jesus by obeying his Word. God’s Spirit empowers us to do this, being fuelled by the hope and joy we have by knowing we have peace with God and a home in heaven that is being prepared for us.


For all that God has done for us in Jesus, we consider our highest privilege to serve him as our Saviour and King. We believe serving Jesus is perfect freedom, and we express our love for Jesus by laying our lives down for those he loves. We are the Church of the Risen King Jesus

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